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We at PDFfiller are working hard to improve our product, to make it even more convenient for our users. One of our latest developments is the ability to send documents via USPS. Now you can use our digital solution for sending paper PDFs right from your PDFfiller account, just like an ordinary paper letter. Once you’re done making all the changes to your documents, click the orange DONE button. After this you’ll see a dialog box where you can choose what to do with your document next. Click Send USPS Mail:

Send Documents via USPS

The next step is to indicate your address and the address of the recipient. Type all the required information in the appropriate boxes and choose from the delivery methods:

Send Documents via USPS

When these actions are done, click the Send My Document button. And that is all. PDFfiller will do the rest. We’ll print out your PDF document using high-resolution printers and deliver it to the post office. The recipient will get the documents within 5-7 business days.

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If you like being able to send PDFs via USPS, you might be interested in the range of other great features that PDFfiller offers. With PDFfiller you can also fax, print out, and send documents for signing. Moreover, you can share, email, send an SMS, and host fillable documents using our unique LinkToFill feature.Check out these tutorials to learn more about the other great features PDFfiller offers.

How to Send PDF via USPS

  1. Click on the DONE button in the upper right corner of the toolbar.
  2. Click Send USPS Mail.
  3. Fill out the required boxes on the envelope.
  4. Select the delivery method.
  5. Click the Send My Document button.

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June 17, 2015
my experience has been great with this web site

Send Documents via USPS

What is PDFfiller?

PDFfiller is an online document management solution. With PDFfiller, you can search for, edit, store and export PDF documents online without downloading and installing any software. PDFfiller also allows you to access and edit PDF documents from any device anytime.

Can I send documents via USPS from my PDFfiller account?

Yes. PDFfiller allows you to send PDF documents as easily as sending an email. Now you don’t have to spend time printing the document and going to the post office. PDFfiller will do this time-consuming task for you.

How do I send PDFs via USPS?

When you’ve done all the edits in your PDF, click the orange DONE button. Press Send USPS Mail and prepare your envelope for sending. Don’t forget to choose the delivery method. Click the Send My Document button and rest assured that your PDF is sent.